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'TEMENOS', Robertson, Expansive Ocean & Lake Views, 200 + Acres of Red Soil. Mineral Water Licence.


A Rare World Class Multi-Use Lifestyle Property
With Mineral Water Licence & DA Approval To Build a Bottling Facility On Site.

A Rare, Park-like, Private and Secluded, 213 acres, World Class, Conservation Showcase, Multi-use, Multiple-income Lifestyle Property on Jamberoo Mountain, Southern Highlands with the Most Spectacular and Breathtaking Ocean, Lake and Escarpment Views from Botany Bay to Shellharbour. 'Temenos' IS Jamberoo Mountain!!!

* 213 prime acres
* Multi-use & multiple-income
* 750 metres above sea level
* 100 kms to the horizon
* Amazing ocean, Lake Illawarra & escarpment views
* Historic Butter Track starts on the property
* Near 6 National Parks & 6 spectacular waterfalls
* Carrington Falls is only 3kms away
* Lots of native rainforest
* Lillipillies, coachwood, sassafras, treeferns etc
* 4 distinct eco-systems
* Abounding with wildlife
* 6+ natural springs
* Similar to Babe country
* Would make a great film location
* 2 Irrigation Licences & Mineral Water Licence
* DA Approval for water bottling facility on site
* Premium pure artesian water
* Rich Robertson red basalt soil throughout
* Grows just about anything!
* Has grown 20 acres of potatoes
* Suitable for Truffles, other crops & grazing
* Suited to eco-agri-tourism (STCA)
* 315KVA electricity to bottling plant site
* 3 phase power & telephony
* American Barn & Hut
* Build your dream home

TEMENOS (meaning 'Sacred Space') is a rare park-like, private and secluded, world - class showcase conservation multi-use, multiple-income lifestyle property on Jamberoo Mountain in the Southern Highlands comprising 213 acres of rich Robertson red basalt soil located 750m above sea level with unsurpassed breathtaking views of the ocean, coastline, Lake Illawarra and escarpments, arguably the best and most expansive views in the Southern Highlands.
On a clear day one can see the planes take off at Botany Bay and all the way to Shellharbour and Kiama.
'Temenos' gives you a big sky feeling - as if you own the firmament.
The views are framed by forested escarpments to the east and west.
The sun rises out of the ocean and casts its rays across the sea and Lake Illawarra and the light show is indescribable.
The sunsets are equally breathtaking.
At night one can see the lights of Sydney in the distance, the ships parked out at sea, with the flickering lights of Wollongong, Port Kembla, Shellharbour and environs in the foreground.
On a clear night the Milky Way appears to be almost within reach (if you stand on your tiptoes!).
On a full moon the light streams down on Lake Illawarra and the Pacific Ocean and it appears like a Stairway to Heaven (as the Indigenous People call it).
The weather phenomenon on the mountain is unique.
You can see the clouds rolling up the mountain.
At times 'Temenos' looks down on the clouds resembling a blanket of white puffy shapes like cotton balls.
At other times 'Temenos' is enveloped in a sea of mist and appears mystical and magical.
The big sky feel of 'Temenos' presents you with high, wispy clouds doing their curly swirls in the sky - blowing in the direction of the wind like tumbling tumbleweeds in the sky.
Sometimes 'Temenos' is cloaked in a soft blanket of grey.
When it thunders you can feel the vibration coming up through your feet if you are standing on the earth.
When it rains it pours!
On a clear blue sunny day it is the closest thing to being in paradise.
The historic Butter Track starts on 'Temenos' escarpment at the northern end of the property.
It has numerous springs, lots of native rainforest, native wildlife and 4 distinct eco systems which lends itself to eco-agri-tourism, eco cabins/studios, a lodge/retreat and glamping (glamourous camping) (STCA/rezoning back to original zoning).
The rainforest is vibrant comprised mainly of lillipillies, sassafras, coachwood, eucryphria and large tree ferns, birds nest ferns and other epiphytes and lichen.
Lichen only grows in an unpolluted atmosphere.
There are also many native herbs on 'Temenos'.
One eco system comprising the rainforest is loated along the ridge of the property and to the east.
A eucalyptus forest and the Robertson Tall Gum Forest frame the west of the property.
The escarpment to the north has its own eco system and a yet un-named Ziera plant and rock orchids are to be found here.
'Temenos' slopes 5 degrees from the south to the escarpment in the north and thus maximizes its extensive views of the ocean from various parts of the property.
'Temenos' would make a great film location and a haven for artists.
It is a multi-use, multiple income and lifestyle property with 20 acres recently under potatoes.
It is also suited to truffles, other crops such as berries and nuts and grazing or horses.
'Temenos' has never experienced a drought in the last 20 years the Owner has had the property.
The rainfall for 'Temenos' is 58" per year.
It has 2 Irrigation Licences, a Mineral Water Licence and Development Approval for a water bottling facility on site.
The water is premium pure artesian water out of the Hawkesbury Sandstone.
Since July 2011 the Government is not issuing any more water licences making existing licences valuable tradable commodities.

This is an opportunity to build your dream home and live an enviable lifestyle, make money and enjoy a private park-like environment.
It could be a smart entrepreneur's retreat.

Inspect: By Appointment Contact: Bodie (m) 0409 449 855